Good Design is Good Business

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The Power of Good Design

    In 1973 at a University of Pennsylvania lecture Thomas Watson, Jr., chief executive of IBM declared that “good design is good business”. IBM was one of the first companies to understand and use the power of design. It took time, but now design is part of boardroom discussions and a major part of a business strategy for a lot of successful companies. 

    Don’t know where to start? This is where we come in. For the past 25 years, we have been helping small to mid-sized firms bring the power of design to their businesses. 

    For example, we helped Belden Incorporated, a universal joint and machine tool company with their rebranding, website, catalog, and advertising. A few months after the program was implemented, Belden’s marketing director told me that “Your design efforts helped us increase our revenue over $250,000 for the last period!” 

    A couple of samples from this project are below.  More details can be found here in the Belden case study.

    belden logo

    Rebranding for Belden included this new logotype which reflects the companies 3 primary attributes, Quality, Precision, and Reliability. 

    belden logo

    In addition to designing an extensive catalog, mailers, and advertisements we also designed and developed a new website the included a very clean user interface and new product photography. 

    Is your site working hard for you? Email us or call us at 312-455-9191 for a free basic site audit. 

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