About Us

A Relationship With Hutch Is Not A Project. 

There’s a reason why so many Hutchinson relationships are ones that last well beyond the first website, brochure or brand. Several reasons, actually.

Hutchinson is:

1) Easier to work with than most design firms that get too bogged down in each phase of their design process or don’t communicate with you in several weeks. And we don’t just have meetings to have meetings.

2) Thinking of your entire brand in everything we do, no matter what type of piece we’re working on.

It’s not just about programming and images. How are you going to use that site or brochure? Who is going to be using it? Where is this going to be primarily used? Which trade shows? What message are you trying to convey?

This often leads us to bring ideas to life that you never even considered for your brand. It’s a logo. It’s a website. But it’s also the color of the paint on the walls of your lobby. We’re thinking of all of it.

3) Able to create exciting new concepts off of your vision. But we don’t go back to our office exclusively to do it either. We love working together in a collaborative fashion with our clients to uncover a captivating solution.

One thing that clients value here from us? We don’t just take orders. They value us telling them when a direction isn’t the right way to go and what they should do instead. If that sounds like you and you’d like to be steered by highly experienced experts in the brand development field, we’re ready to have an initial conversation for sure.

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