An established strategy that works

Is it possible to love a design firm for their process almost as much as the finished product?


In fact, it’s what our clients often say about the Hutchinson process, an experience that aims to move the design along free of bottlenecks and frustrations. Because let’s face it – you’ve got other business to get done besides the business of improving your brand.

Here’s how we do it in five simple steps:

Step 1: Proposal

After obtaining a strong sense of what your challenge entails based on an initial conversation, we’ll be able to make recommendations on what the design approach should be (not the actual designs themselves) in a proposal that includes pricing. If you’re in agreement with the details outlined in the proposal, we can proceed to our Interview phase.

Step 2: Interview

Much more than a “getting to know you,” interaction, we engage in a series of questions with your team to gain an understanding of the project goal, what the customer should learn or desired actions to take, any pre-conceived ideas you may have on the project design, websites you like or don’t like and more.

Step 3: Competitive Assessment

We want to create designs that stand out in the marketplace so well that they render your main competitors’ designs irrelevant by comparison. So if we’re designing and developing a website, for example, we review those websites from top competitors with you so we can ask, “What are they doing better than us on their site that our current site isn’t doing” or “Their site seems to be missing out on certain opportunities to reach the customer – could we take advantage of that on our new site?”

Step 4: Criteria Development

As we prepare to map out final objectives, this step ensures that we are on the same page on all criteria that defines a satisfactory outcome for you.

Step 5: Objectives

Finally, we supply the total roadmap to achieving design project success, complete with timelines to be met.

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