5 Ways to Improve Your Site’s ROI

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5 Ways to Improve your Site’s ROI

    As you know websites are very important to businesses and like most aspects of business, a good site is always improving. Below are 5 improvements that can be made to your site to increase ROI for your business.

    1. Clarify Your Message with the 5 Second Rule. A visitor must be able to understand what your business provides within 5 seconds of coming to your site. Otherwise they will get confused and move one. Keep it simple and on target. 

    This is an example of a clear message we created for a commercial floor maintenance company.

    branding chicago
    delta tech hutchinson branding design

    2. Move the Social Media Icons. If your site have social media icons in the header you are inviting your visitors to move away from your site and go down a rabbit hole.  The header is one of the most important parts of a site and should only have menu items and direct contact information. 

    Moving your social media icons to the footer allows your site to focus on your main message.

    3. Do Not Use Image Carousels.
    Carousels on your home page was a trend, but time is short and you need to covey your message fast. A visitor won’t wait for the message or bother to click through. Anything important after the first image might not been seen. 

    branding chicago
    delta tech hutchinson branding design

    4. Sign up for Google Search 
    Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.” The console helps you optimize your content and analyze your site’s impressions, and clicks. 

    5. Test for Speed.
    Google give preferential treatment to websites that load fast. A fast site lowers the bounce rate and increases your chance of having a better ranking on Google. Test your site’s speed

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